Kevin's Angels: Once upon a time, 
there were three little girls...

As far as

the "I" 

can see...

In ancient times, it was said that characteristics of our eyes determined our destiny. As science became more advanced, health professionals and scientists discovered that an iris is so individual it has nearly five times as many unique identifiers as the fingerprint. It would seem the eye is quite close to the “I”. 

What makes each one of us an individual is the life we see with our eyes—our own personal cameras recording images and memories. Those images, coupled with and transformed by our own values, education, family, friends, culture, life experiences and exposures help create the “I”.

This webpage is my I. These are my stories, poetry, creative endeavors. These are the unique experiences that have made me into the woman I am today. It is through sharing ourselves that we create a bond with others. It is that bond that strengthens our commonalities, our communities, our country and our world. My hope is that you find something that speaks to YOU in these pages.

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